Build New

Ronel Builders

Ronel is a full-service contractor who is ready to work with you in designing and constructing a unique custom home that is truly your one of a kind residence. 

While many Twin City home builders have flocked to the growth areas of the suburban metro area, Ronel is happy to work with customers who would rather live closer to the city

Over the years, experience has shown us that a typical buyer building a new home in an older, established neighborhood has strong feelings for the architectural details they wish to see both inside and out.

An example might be an in-fill lot in an established neighborhood in Richfield. Our goal there would be to work with the customer to design and build a home that meets the physical requirements of the lot and blends in with the other homes in the neighborhood.

Another scenario might be a customer who purchases a South Minneapolis home to be torn down and replaced with a new home. In cases such as this, we would expect to find an owner who will also want to design and build a home that compliments other neighborhood homes and features architectural detailing of the period.

So if you are considering building a new home closer to the city or further out in the surrounding suburban metro area, we would love to meet with you and discuss the many options that await you.